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Play Tennis in Görlitz / Zgorzelec:

At best with Darek!

Tennis is a sport for young and the young at heart, tennis is fun and keeps you in a good shape.

darek Startseite plFor over 30 years tennis is my hobby and my profession at the same time. Kids, young persons and adults of all ages, qualifications and nationalites play and train under my management.

Darek / trainer:

Beginners -
will learn with me the basic strokes and proper behavior on the tennis court.
Active players -
I show how they can strengthen and perfect their technique.

In these films the video below shows how to train and play with me, my students. Some are beginners others advanced. Among other things, we can see in action: Andreas & Karin 71 years, Naomi and Michael 11 years old Leonardo seven years, Daniel 36 years, Catherine 41, Lena 6 years, Jorge Tomas 7 years.

Darek / match- and training partner:

I'm a fair match and training partner. I am a right-handed player - but also I play well with my left hand..This allows us to make the training and the competitions varied and best fulfill the strength your game. My passion has been successful in the competition since 1988 in Club TV Gelb-Weiß Görlitz.

And I still have a great joy out of the game as you can see below in the movies video.

Darek / tournament organizer:

I organize regular international tennis tournaments for children and adults, for leisure and active players. The most popular and most traditional since 2007, is the International Tennis Tournament Indoor Rosenhof darek Cup. In 2020 we celebrated the 167 Cup!

KOLA 150Cup Kopia

Tournament in short film from the last 127 & 123 Cup - everything that happened during the tournament - in a few minutes.

The New Winter Season 2019/2020

168 Rosenhof darek Cup - on saturday 25 April 2020!

Tournament ROSENHOF darek Cup in statistics - after 167 tournaments:

Historical Ranking Years 2007/2020 - 436 players from 91 Cities Countries

Ranking of the season 2019/2020 - 55 players from 21 cities, Countries * King of the Season * ?

Ranking of the season 2018/2019 -72 players from 23cities  * King of the Season * Krzysztof BURBO

Ranking of the season 2017/2018 - 77 players from 22 Cities * King of the Season * Arek BIAŁONOGA Żary/Poland

Ranking of the season 2016/2017 - 82 players from 25 Cities * King of the Season * Jorge Rafael HERRERA GOMEZ Görlitz/Germany

Ranking of the season 2015/2016 - 109 players from 33 Cities * King of the Season * Adam BUKIEL Zgorzelec/Poland

Ranking of the season 2014/2015 - 96 players from 31 Cities * King of the Season * Adam BUKIEL Zgorzelec/Poland

In the 14-year history of the tournament 2007 / 2020, we have 43 Champions

Your Darek



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167 International Tennis Tournament ROSENHOF darek CUP, Görlitz 07 March 2020. Radek in the Czech final - wins his second RdC Championship title! FINAL RESULTS of 3 Tournament's 167 RdC:

Main Open Tour - Radek KALAŚ Hradek n / N vs Josef PROCHAZKA Frydlant 6/2 6/4

Gran Tour Bonus - Andrzej SZCZEPAŃSKI Pieńsk vs Adam ŁUCZYŃSKI Leśna 7/6 6/7 10/7

Pequeńo Tour - Pedro Fritsche Görlitz vs Sebastian PODDĘBNIAK Lubań Śl. 6/3 6/7 10/7


 NOTE! Detailed results and comments - soon here tennis-darek.net on my website! VIDEOS from the tournament soon on my YouTube channel (link on my website j / w), while the photo on my profile Photoblog (link on my website)


The next Tournament - 168 Rosenof darek Cup will be held on ??? 2020


You are  Welcome and Greetings. darek guziołek


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