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Rosenhof darek Cup

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Rosenhof darek Cup

The tournament is organized in Görlitz, Germany, a city bordering with Zgorzelec in Poland. It has a long tradition and the form in which it is organized, has already won many fans and supporters .

Meet new tennis partners 
Experience through the rivalry

 In 2007, it was the premiere of Rosenhof darek Cup and by 2020, I managed to organize 169 events together with Sport and Freizeitparadies Rosenhof.

Our plan was to allow rivalry with opponents, presenting different levels and different styles of play. The tournament is played in the qualifying group and then system of ko. This form allows every player to play at least 3 matches. There is a ranking list conducted since 2007! 

 Rosenhof darek Cup in Numbers!

Over 4.700 videos of matches on YouTube

More than 17,000 photos on the Photo Blog and  Facebook

  • The ranking list of 436 players
  • Players come from the 7 countries
  • They come from 91 cities
  • In the 14-year history of the tournament, after 167 Tour we have 43 Champions            

Record holders in winning the tournament!

  • Adam BUKIEL from Zgorzelec - 27 wins
  • Michał BODZIONY from Lubań - 20 wins
  • Chris FRENZEL from Görlitz - 11 wins
  • darek guziołek from Zgorzelec - 9 wins
  • Gabriel HETNAR from Wrocław - 8 wins
  • Andrzej MISIEK from Świdnica - 6 wins

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THE END is mostly ......

another - a new BEGINNING!

Thank you all !

The 168 RdC tournament - results below was the last RdC tournament in the history of 2007/2020

He he! what an ending - THREE Finals / Polish / Czech / German

Final Scenario, I wish I hadn't written it better!


Regards, Darek Guziołek




168 International Tennis Tournament ROSENHOF darek CUP, Görlitz 24 October 2020. Strong cast of the Tournament - 7 Champions at the start! Tomasz wins and becomes the third RdC champion title. FINAL RESULTS - THREE Tournaments 168 RdC:

Main Open Tour

Tomasz ZIEMBIKIEWICZ Bolesławiec vs Łukasz PLUTA 7/6 6/3

Gran Tour Bonus

Radek KALAŚ Hradek n/N vs Drahoś ŚIPEK Frydlant 6/7 7/6 10/9

Pequeńo Tour

Thomas FUCHS Görlitz vs Albert TORES Görlitz 6/2 6/3


 NOTE! Detailed results and comments - soon here tennis-darek.net on my website! VIDEOS from the tournament soon on my YouTube channel (link on my website j / w), while the photo on my profile Photoblog (link on my website)




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